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+2 Law

Aadim National College is one of the best +2 Law college in Kathmandu Nepal established in 2071. The College imparts the best available +2 Law program as per the curriculum and syllabus designed by National Examination Board (NEB).

The college has its unique identity in research, innovation, regular assessment, Teaching-learning pedagogy, especially student-centered learning methodology in an excellent academic environment.


Candidates must have SLC / SEE or equivalent education with minimum B grade at least C+ in English, Maths and Science For Science Faculty, minimum D+ for Management, Humanities and Law.

Entrance Test

The Admission Committee of the Aadim National College takes Entrance Test in different programs. Test will be taken in English, Mathematics and General Knowledge.

Scholarship Provision

Aadim National College provides merit/need based significant number of Scholarships under several titles. Deserving Students may obtain details of scholarship scheme from the college administration.

Scholarship Scheme

  • SEE Toppers’ Scholarships
  • School Toppers’ Scholarships
  • SEE Performance Scholarships
  • Poor and Intelligent Scholarships
  • SEE District Toppers’ Scholarships
  • Aadim National College Entrance Toppers’ Scholarship
  • Martyr’s family scholarships
  • Unprivileged and Remote Area Scholarships
  • Extraordinary Skill Scholarships, e.g. in music, sports
  • Except achievement category, Scholarships of all categories will be for one academic year only.


Achievement Scholarships:


SLC Percent (%)Admission Off (%)MF Off (%)Scholarship Quota

Note: Scholarships in Grades XI and XII will be awarded based on the performance of the students in SEE and XI Exams, respectively. 


Morning shift (6:30 am- 10:15 am)

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